A list of Jimmy Page Equipment used by him throughout his career.


Marshall SLP-1959 100-watt amp which was modded with KT-88 tubes, which boosted its output to 200 watts.

Vox AC-30, Hiwatts, Fender Dual Showman, Fender Vibro-King and Orange MatAmps with the Theremin.


Roger Mayer fuzz box

Sola Sound Tonebender

Vox Cry Baby Wah (Modified by Roger Mayer)

Maestro Echoplex

DigiTech Whammypedal

MXR Phase 90

MXR Blue Box

Pete Cornish

– Tube Pre Amp

– Custom Effect Boards

– Selector/Line Driver

– AC Power Wah


1958 Fender Telecaster

A gift from Jeff Beck in 1966

Originally decorated with 4 silver circles

Stripped down and handpainted by Jimmy Page in late 1966

Stripped down again, painted “Botswana Brown” and fitted with a Parsons B-Bender in 1976

Temporarily swapped rosewood neck to maple neck in April-May 1977

1960 Danelectro 3021

Used in the Yardbirds with White Summer (Apr. 1967-Jul. 1968)

Used in Led Zeppelin and beyond on White Summer/Black Mountain SideKashmir and In My Time Of Dying.

1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

Purchased in 1962 for £185.

Used for most of Jimmy’s sessionwork (1963-1966), and was taken on tour from Jan. 1970 through April 1971, when it was stolen at the airport between Sept. 3 or 4, 1971. Jimmy Page placed an ad in Rolling Stone with reward, but it was never recovered.

1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Bought from Joe Walsh in California April 1969 for £500.

Before Jimmy got it the neck was already shaved at the back. Later installed a Pull/Push pot on the Bridge pickup Tone pot.

This is the master template for the Gibson Custom
Shop’s “Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul” made from 2004 to 2007

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

His “Number One” Les Paul. Two switches under the pickguard.

Gibson based its “Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul” on this model from 1995 to 1998. About 2000 were made with four push/pull pots.

Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck

Used on-stage from March 1971 to the present.

Serial number is 911117.

Jimmy played it on stage for Stairway to Heaven, Tangerine, The Rain Song, and The Song Remains The Same

1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Resprayed Cherry Red

Used on-stage from July 1973

1964 Fender Stratocaster (Lake Placid Blue)

First used 1979. Used on-stage for Over The Hills And Far Away on some dates at Earls Court and In The Evening at Knebworth

1957 Fender Stratocaster

Used in a jam at a Bad Company concert on May 23, 1976

1966 Fender Telecaster

Used on-stage on All My Love on the 1980 European Tour

1960s Epiphone Rivoli Bass EB232

Played by Paul Samwell-Smith , Jimmy Page ( June 21, 1966 – Aug. 23, 1966) and Chris Dreja.

2006 Gibson Custom Shop ES-350

Seen in 2007 at the O2 Arena reunion concert for In My Time Of Dying.

Goldtop Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus

Used from 1993 Coverdale/Page Tour to present

1977 Gibson RD Artist

Used on-stage on Misty Mountain Hop at Knebworth in Aug. 1979

1993 Jerry Jones Double5 Longhorn

Used at NetAid on 9th October 99

Paul Reed Smith McCarty Model

Used during 1998 on the Walking Into Clarksdale tour

Acoustic Guitars

Gibson J-200 – White Summer/Black Mountain Side on the Julie Felix Show Apr. 26, 1970

Martin D-28 1971

Gibson Everly Brothers

Giannini 12-String (GWSCRA12-P Craviola) – Aug. 1970 to June 1972

Harmony Sovereign H-1260 – June 1970 to June 1972

Washburn 12 String

Ovation 1994 Double Neck

Eko Ranger 12 – 1972 Australia tour

1920 Gibson A2 Mandolin – April 1977 to July 1977 for The Battle Of Evermore

Manson Custom Tripleneck  – Used in the No Quarter DVD and on-stage in 1995

Hope you enjoy reading the list of Jimmy Page used Equipment and guitars.