This Guitar Kills

1965         She Just Satisfies

1968         The Maureeny Wishful Album

1969         Led Zeppelin

1969         Led Zeppelin ll

1970         Led Zeppelin lll

1971         Led Zeppelin lV

1971         Faces & Places

1972         Special Early Works

1973         Houses of The Holy

1975         Physical Graffiti

1976         Presence

1976         The Song Remains The Same

1979         In Through The Door

1980         Jam Session

1982         Coda

1982         Death Wish ll

1982         Who's to Blame

1984         No Introduction Necessary

1985         Smoke and Fire

1985         The Firm

1985         Jugular

1986         The Firm: Mean Business

1988         Outrider

1988         Wasting My Time

1988         Prison Blues

1989         Session Man Vol 1

1990         Session Man Vol 2

1990         Led Zeppelin Box Set

1990         Remasters

1992         Jimmy's Back Pages: The Early Years

1993         Coverdale Page

1993         Over Now

1993         Take Me For A Little While

1993         Led Zeppelin Box Set ll

1993         The Complete Studio Recordings

1994         No Quarter - Unledded

1994         Gallows Pole

1994         Jimmy's Jam

1997         Anthology 1964 - 1968

1997         BBC Sessions

1998         Walking Into Clarksdale

1998         Before the Ballon Went Up

1998         Sons of Freedom

1999         Led Zeppelin Early Days

2000         Led Zeppelin Latter Days

2000         Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones: Lovin Up a Storm

2000         Jimmy Page & The Black Crows: Live at The Greek

2000         Hey Hey What Can I Do

2000         What Is And What Should Never Be

2000         Ten Years Gone

2001         Guitar For Hire - The 60's Session

2003         This Guitar Kills

2003         How The West Was Won

2006         Wailing Sounds

2006         Last Man Standing (Jerry Lee Lewis album)

2007         Hip Young Guitar Slinger

2007         Mothership


Jimmy Page is also doing projects remastering the entire Led Zeppelin discography.

Led Zeppelin 1
Death Wish 2
No Introduction Necessary
The Firm
The Firm Mean Business
Session Man Vol 1
Jimmy's Back Page The Early Years
Led Zeppelin 2
Coverdale & Page
Page & Coverdale Take Me For A While
The Complete Studio Recordings
Page & Plant No Quater
Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions
Page & Plant Walking Into Clarksdale
Before The Balloon Went Up
Early Days
Latter Days
Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones Lovin Up A Storm
Led Zeppelin 3
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes
Guitar For Hire
How The West Was Won
Wailing Sounds
Jerry Lee Lewis Last Man Standing Featuring Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin 4
Houses Of The Holy
Physical Graffiti
The Song Remains The Same
In Through The Door

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin